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PENYA little Pug, 27cm

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  The PENYA little Pug finds always his right owner at fairs. He boosts the immune... mehr
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The PENYA little Pug finds always his right owner at fairs.
He boosts the immune system like all the other PENYA energy cuddle toys. It also helps with physical and mental resilience and lead to a healthy sleep. The cuddle toys are produced natural and that´s why they are a biological source of energy.

Real PENYA-cuddle toys must have these unmistakable characteristics:

  • Handstitched PEN YANG® banner with logo and CE-sign
  • Red scarf with PEN YANG® logo (but not for all cuddle toys)
  • Pen Yang poem

All PENYA cuddle toys can washed at 30° Celsius with mild detergent in a washer, however we recommend hand washing, followed by air-drying. All washing should be done sparingly.
If you want or need more information please text us.


Friends and companions for young and old

Our soft toys have been used successfully for over ten years:

-       When you have problems sleeping

-       When you are nervous or hyperactive

-       When you have memory or concentration problems

-       When you do not feel well or are depressed

-       When your acid levels are too high

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